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Moving Electronic Equipment

TVs/PCs/audio/video equipment: Many TVs are now flat-screen plasma or LCD HDTVs. These televisions require special preparation for relocation. Most often, your mover will make arrangements on your behalf to have the TVs crated or placed into TV armor containers. This service is usually performed by a third-party service company whose charges will show on your relocation bill. The third-party service technicians specialize in this area of relocation. If you decide that you do not want to incur the additional cost for properly preparing your TVs and various electronics for your relocation, your mover will not accept responsibility if there is any damage to the TVs and other electrical equipment, either visual or mechanical.

It is your responsibility to disconnect all audio/video equipment prior to the arrival of the packing crew and/or third-party specialists. If you prefer that the specialist perform the disconnection, there is an extra charge for this service. Your mover will not reconnect these items in your new home. It is your responsibility to reconnect these items or ask your mover to make arrangements with the third-party company. Be mindful of the "cold weather" warning when you reconnect your audio/video equipment.

Note: Condensation caused by extreme temperature changes can wreak havoc on high-tech circuitry of today's electronics. PCs, VCRs, Blu-ray players, TVs, stereos, etc., must acclimate to room temperature for at least 24 hours prior to the equipment being connected to AC power.

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