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How to Move When You're Short on Help

Many hands make light work. But what if you don't have 10 close friends and family members to help you move? Moving on your own or with just one or two helpers is possible, but you'll have to think strategically. Follow the tips below to avoid becoming overwhelmed and to ensure that you make it to your new home in one piece.

1. Donate as Much as Possible

The more items you get rid of, the fewer boxes you'll need to pack and carry. Be ruthless as you sort through your things, tossing anything you don't need or want into a donation pile.

Then, instead of wasting an afternoon transporting everything to a donation center, arrange to have a charity pick the items up from your house. Veterans' organizations often offer this service; some homeless shelters do, too. Just stack your donation boxes on the porch, and they'll come and take the items off your hands. 

2. Pack Light, Uniform Boxes

When you're one of few people carrying boxes to the moving truck, your arms get tired quickly. Preserve your stamina by making sure you keep your boxes light. Place a few heavier items in the bottom of each box, and then fill the rest of the box with lighter items. Remember that the boxes will feel heavier after you've already carried 10 of them.

Also, make sure that you use sturdy boxes. You don't have the time or energy to deal with a broken box. Choose boxes of a uniform size so you don't have to waste time strategically stacking unequally sized boxes in the moving truck.

3. Pre-Map Your Route

Driving a moving truck can be intimidating if you’re used to driving a smaller vehicle — and even more so when you're alone. To ensure that your drive goes smoothly, spend some time mapping your route before you leave. Opt for open roads and fewer turns. Plan on going around big cities rather than attempting to navigate through them. 

Before you leave with the moving truck, take it for a lap around the block. This way, if you run into any trouble figuring out how to drive it, you can ask the rental company for assistance before you get too far away. You don't want to be stuck alone on the thruway in a rainstorm with no idea how to work the windshield wipers and nobody to help you figure it out. 

4. Consider Leaving and Repurchasing Appliances

Loading appliances like your washer and dryer into the moving truck can be nearly impossible if you're moving alone or with just one helper. So consider leaving these appliances behind and just buying new ones for your new home. You can always buy used if you're on a tight budget. When you leave the appliances behind, you may be able to get away with a smaller, less-expensive moving truck, too.

5. Hire Help for Portions of the Move

Even if you're not interested in hiring a full-service moving company, you should consider hiring helpers for the portions of the move that are particularly challenging to navigate on your own. For instance, you could hire movers just to help load and unload the truck. This would allow you to bring along larger furniture that you might otherwise be forced to leave behind. 

Moving is tough — but not impossible — when you don't have a team of people to help you. Just remember to start early and follow the tips above. You'll be settled into your new home before you know it.

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