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Reasons to Use a Moving Service to Move Your Piano


Many people choose to do as much of their own moving as possible, often enlisting a friend or relative with a pickup truck. However, if you own a piano, there are several reasons why you are better off hiring a professional moving service.

  1. Improper Moving Can Cause Serious Injury
    An upright piano can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds and cannot be disassembled for transportation. Even if you and your helpers are serious weightlifters, the unwieldy shape of the piano as you maneuver it through doorways and over stairs makes it difficult to sustain your grip. This can pose a risk of serious injury. Moving professionals are trained and experienced in addition to owning the appropriate equipment to safely transport your piano.
  2. Risk of Property Damage
    Because of its weight and inconvenient shape, a piano is very difficult to maneuver around corners, up or down stairs and in narrow spaces. Even if you do not hurt yourself, it is highly likely that the piano will hit another piece of furniture or a wall, causing damage to the piano and/or to your walls and flooring.
  3. Special Equipment Is Necessary
    However strong you may be, you will need special piano moving equipment. At the minimum, you will need a four-wheel piano dolly and a hump strap; you may need up to four additional pieces of equipment. Buying this equipment plus the cost of renting a truck is likely to surpass the cost of hiring a moving service. Contact our movers today if you need to move a piano to your new home.